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11 Tips For Creating A Crispy Logo For Your Brand

A logo is what identifies your establishment. It is vital for a company which aims at promoting their brand because it is the most recognizable symbol of the company. Taking the time to create a crisp logo for your brand is in your best interest. A good logo makes your product stand out and wins the trust of your target group.

Entrepreneurs with new brands make the common mistake of taking shortcuts when designing their logo. This is to either save money or time. By not investing time and money in logo design, you find yourself spending more time and money later on when you have a bad logo plastered all over your office and products. In order to create a successful logo for your brand, you will need to follow the right process. Here are some tips to help you get on the right track when designing a logo:

  1. Do an extensive research

First things first, you have to know what you are designing. If you are designing a logo for a client, conduct an interview and get briefed on the details of the brand and how they want the logo to look. If it is your own project, try writing a short description of your brand to keep you on the right track. After this, conduct an extensive research on your industry or niche. Look at the history, how your competitors present themselves to the market. Here, you will notice some trends e.g. many telecommunication companies logos have swooshes and the shape of a globe. Use such observations as a blueprint from which you can refer to, draw inspiration from and modify and/or completely change.

  1. On your mark, get set…sketch!

Sketching is an integral part of designing a logo. The first few sketches will not necessarily produce the perfect logo and you may have to draw a couple dozen sketches. However, this is where the creativity sinks in. You will find that the more you sketch, the more ideas you get and your sketches evolve to produce better and better designs. After sketching, it is easy to plot it on a computer or send to an expert designer to smoothen out the rough edges.

  1. Be unique

When designing a logo, you should aim at being unique and creating something that stands out. A word of caution here, you should not go over the top and create something outrageous. It can be exciting to create a cool logo with bright screaming colors but it may not portray your company’s image. On the other hand, you should not create something that is so generic that it looks photocopied. As much as you should look at your competition and imitate their methods, you should not imitate their logo. Your logo should be identifiable at first glance. Therefore, it is okay to get inspiration for your logo from other companies but not copying the entire thing.

  1. Make your logo memorable

One important aspect of a logo is that it should be memorable. One should spot your logo somewhere and be able to remember it the next time he/ she sees it again. A good example of a logo that is easy to remember is Apple’s logo. It resembles an apple which has a bite taken out of it. Apple achieved memorability of their logo by taking something familiar (the apple fruit) and modifying it.


This logo becomes instantly recognizable even when placed among other images. You can try making your logo memorable by creating a unique shape or style. Another tactic is using a combination of colors to make it memorable. A good example is the ‘ToysRUs’ logo which has a unique color combination and the ‘R’ facing backwards.

  1. Simplicity

If you want to create a logo, you should aim at making it as simple as possible. Take out all that complicated designs and shadowing effects and throw them out of the window. When designing a logo, you should follow the KISS rule which stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. A simple logo encompasses almost all aspects of a logo; versatility, easy to recognize, memorable and scalability. An example of a simple logo is Nike’s swoosh. It was created in 1971 for only $35 and is now one of the most popular logos on the globe. A simple logo can be seen when speeding on the highway or on a supermarket shelf when stacked together with other products.

  1. Should be visible when displayed in black and white

Designing a logo should not be done without foresight. For example, you will find that your logo will be displayed on official documents, contracts and so forth. You will not find your logo being printed in full color every time. To counter this, you should ensure that the logo for your brand looks presentable when placed against both a black and a white background. By making your logo simple, you can easily present it in black and white. Also avoid using colors which will make your logo dull in gray scale.

  1. Versatility

In order to design a crispy logo, you will need to make it versatile. Most of the successful logos are those that are versatile. You should consider the fact that the logo will appear in many formats. The brand logo will appear on t-shirts, caps, umbrellas, mugs, pens and a lot other accessories. Your logo may look good on a poster but terrible on a mug or a pen. In order to get an idea of what versatility means, you should ask yourself these questions: Is your logo still effective if it is printed…

  1. As big as a billboard
  2. As small as a stamp
  3. In one color
  4. When the colors are reversed


These questions when answered will help you create a logo which will be versatile and hopefully last for many years. An example of a versatile logo is that of Apple. It can be magnified, made smaller and printed in multiple colors without losing quality.

  1. Aim to make the logo impressive

The logo as we stated earlier is the identity of your brand. It is paramount to take time and create a logo that will stand out when pitted against existing brands; more so if the brand is new to the industry. In short, you should ask the question – what makes my brand better than others? Having an impressive logo which is aesthetic can work wonders for your brand. It gives your partners an assurance that they are working with a powerful company which has a professional touch to doing business. A bold and crispy logo gives your brand a competitive edge and superiority over your competitors.

  1. Use logo variations

Making variations to your logo is one way of promoting your brand. It should be on the list of considerations when designing a logo. Examples of logo variations include changing the color (it should be within your color scheme), dropping the company name or using the logo in different graphic representations. A common variation of a logo is putting it in gray scale. A variation of your logo can be used in advertisements and can also be placed on a website for digital marketing.


All these should be considered when designing a logo. Being able to vary the aspects of the logo goes hand in hand with making changes to a logo later on.

  1. Your logo should be appropriate

The way you position your logo is extremely important in creating a strong market presence. This means that your logo should appeal to your target audience. For instance, if your company sells kids products such as toys, the logo should be appealing to children. They should recognize it and this is achieved using colors and a design which they like. However, this does not mean that you should have a logo depicting what your company does. Logos for dentists need not show teeth, a car dealership need not have an automobile in their logo. An example of this is the Mercedes logo; it does not even closely resemble a car but it is universally recognized as a car manufacturer.

  1. Your logo should be timeless

Creating a crispy logo that will stand out will need you to brainstorm on a design which will never run out of style. The logo created should last for many years because it should show longevity for your brand. A common mistake that people make when designing a logo is looking for new trends. Searching for “new logos for 2016” on the Internet is good to check out the industry and what is trending. It is inappropriate to perform a search like that with the intention of copying logo designs. Trends come and go and they are good…if you are talking about fashion. When it comes to a logo, you want something long lasting and durable. A simple logo can be timeless. Take the example of the ABC logo. It was designed by Paul Rand in 1962 and has never changed since. Coca Cola is another example of a logo which has lasted through the years and maintained its superiority also.




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How To Turn People Into Avatars Using Photoshop

Avatar, a highly successful and popular science fiction blockbuster that was released in 2009, has allured millions of fans all over the world. The blue-colored beings, called Avatars, that were created by means of combining the DNA of humans and inhabitants of Pandora planet have gathered myriads of admirers. This article discloses how to turn celebrities, your relatives and friends, and any other people into avatars – yet just on the screen of your computer or gadget. You have just to follow the simple guidelines below in order to get the desired result.

Get Started

Naturally, the first thing you must do is to open your Photoshop. You are free to use any newer or older version – the result will not be any different, since you will have to use only program’s basic tools.

Import the selected image (of a person whom you want to turn into that blue creature) into Photoshop. Even though any image size will be more or less okay, the image with the larger size will give you more opportunities for playing with it. You should take notice of the light of the person in the image: the person’s face must be seen and lightened well enough, so the acute pieces are apparent. However, do your best in order to avoid the problem of the person’s face being too illuminated. If the photo is one of such, with an overly illuminated face, attempt to downplay the light right in Photoshop.


Will you venture to turn him into an avatar?

Change The Color Of The Person’s Face

Select the Chalk brush in your tools (though you can also use any other kind of “hard” brushes you would like) and choose its settings: specify “50%” in the setting “Opacity”, while picking “Color” in the “Mode” section. In the color palette, opt one of the blue shades and brush over the whole area of the person’s skin, yet omit brushing over the person’s hair, eyes, and clothing. Then, do it again several times with different shares of blue. However, try to balance somewhat between dark blue and light blue colors, so you will get a good final image.

After pouring the image with blue colors, give a spice to the picture with the purple color (you can pick, for instance, the #472a50 color) while reducing the Opacity to around 10% and picking a noticeably smaller brush. With this shade of purple, you should brush over the face at random and dye the person’s lips. A bit of purple shade on the face will give it a more natural look.

Get Rid Of Hair

Avatars, as the movie suggests, do not have any hair, except of their eyebrows, on their faces. So if you are working over a masculine face, you will possibly have to remove some facial hair. You can do away with stubble by using the Photoshop tool called Clone Stamp. Basically, with this tool, you change the selected (painted) area with the source area (the one you have chosen as a source for replacement). So, you zoom closer to the area with facial hair, press the “Alt” button for opting the image’s source area, give one more click, and go to paint as usual. If the results are not as expected, try out to choose different source area. It will definitely work, if you will choose the correct source area.

Deal With The Ears

Do not be surprised, but now you have to get rid of the ears. As you have had a chance to see, ears of avatars are placed noticeably higher than the ears of humans. You should not face any problems if the person from your image has a long hair. In such case, all you will have to do is to hide the ears by using the Clone Stamp tool for copying the hair. It is also possible to easily get rid of the ears on some images, where are pictured people with short hair: if the image allows, try to paint the ears over with the color of the image’s background, and this way you be able to easily hide the ears.

However, if both options are not suitable for you, you will have to fuss a bit over the picture. Attempt to use the above-mentioned tool, Clone Stamp, for getting rid of the ears. Perhaps you will have to hide a part of the area with hair and another part with background color.

Then, look for the images of avatars’ ears on the internet. There are a lot of websites that will provide you with an opportunity to download such ears. Thereafter, download or save the images onto your PC and open in the Photoshop by opting “Open” and picking the picture.

After having done that, choose the tool called “Polygonal Lasso” and cloak round the ear you wish to insert. Then you have got two options: either press “Edit”, “Copy” and then “Paste” into the main picture, or lug the image across into it. Now, you will see the ear being placed into a new layer. There, you can set the size of the ear (by selecting the Move Tool, clicking on any of the image’s corners, and going to the “Maintain aspect ratio”, shown as a tiny “chain” picture) and put it in a right place.

If your picture is with a front face, you can easily add the second ear: use the right button of your mouse to click on the ear’s layer and choose “Duplicate Layer”. Then, give one more right-click on any of the corner’s round the selected area, where you can opt “Flip Horizontally”, thus allowing yourself to place the second ear.

Give An Avatar-Like Look To The Eyes

Avatars have really bigger eyes than humans, so this is next what has to be done. In the first place, make a duplicate layer of the main picture. This way, you get two layers with the equal images laying on each other. Thereafter, opt the Polygonal Lasso tool, after which you should choose “Add to Selection” in the menu (this way you are able to select a couple of areas at once). Then, make masks for each eye that will also cover eyebrows and eyelids.

In the toolbar, pick the Move tool and in the appeared window click “Apply”. In the Edit Menu, opt “Copy” and then “Paste” it into the picture, and you will see that the eyes will appear to be on another, a new one, layer. Make a duplicate of that layer, after which you should use the tool called Eraser for removing both eyes from the eye layers. This means that you are off with one layer per every eye, which turned out to be bigger, yet with the same proportions, now.

You can also move them right/left or up/down by pressing “Ctrl”, selecting the eye layers, and utilizing the arrow keys. Thereafter, get rid of the imperfections near and in your eyes by using the Eraser tool.

Work over the Most Difficult Piece

The nose is fairly the most difficult part of this work, which can eat up a lot of time. So, be ready for it and do not get easily disappointed. After opting the tool called Rectangular Marquee, select lavishly the area of the nose including all the nearby areas. Then, choose “Liquify” after opting “Filter” in the menu. In a newly-opened window, pick the tool called Forward Warp Tool while leaving it with 100% of Brush Pressure and Density. Then, give it a try and make the shape of the nose to be similar to the one of the avatars. In case of mistake, use the tool called Reconstruct, so you can easily turn the things back. Even though it may look strange at a first glance, you will see that it’s similar to the nose of avatars.

In the Tools window, select the tools called “Dodge” and “Burn”, which you will have to use quite a lot. With the help of these tools, give the nose a more avatar-like look by previously specifying their settings: 5% for Exposure and “Midtones” for Range. Keep in mind that the first tool, “Dodge”, highlights, while the second one darkens. It is a quite difficult piece, so do not worry if you have not succeeded the first time. Besides, both of these tools you can use for making the eyes look better, too.


The Final Dash

Use the “Burn” tool, where you can specify both “Shadows” and “Midtones” in this case, for defining the face on the photo more. Even though you can omit this step, the image will look much better with brighter definitions.

If your image seems either pale or overly dark, go to the window of Layers and click on the black & white icon. That section is called “Create new fill or adjustment layer”, and there you should choose “Levels”. In a newly-opened window, make a click on “Auto” and “OK”. If the image turned out to be ok, leave it so. However, sometimes images do not look very well after applying this option, so you can have some time for playing with those sliders.

Add some shines to the face by using the “Burn” tool again with both “Midtones” and “Shadows”. In order to make the pattern, pick the circled Brush tool, where you must specify 10% for Opacity, 50% for Hardness, and “Normal” for Modes.

Finish the work by making the eyes’ irises bigger, and here you should repeat the same trick that you have done with the eyes. After all this, you can give some more highlights or shadows with “Burn” and “Dodge” tools.


So, there you go. You have got a new being in the avatar family! Hopefully, you are satisfied with the results of your work.

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Moving Your Career Beyond Web Designer


Being a Web designer you must possess an extensive variety of mechanical and design skills as well a wide area of imagination and creativity, also you must be excellent at juggling many things at one time. But while designers have been making websites for a couple of years now, the business as a whole is stirring towards a somewhat new trend. It is becoming consistent and common.


One of the main reasons we are at this end is because it has become tremendously easy to devise a website today by simply using templates or perceptive CMS systems such as WordPress.



Is Web Design a Dying Profession?


The most common query I hear often these days is that whether or not web design is a disappearing profession. A lot of types of careers have come and go in the past decade or so, and so is web designing will suffer the same fate?


Well This question is on a lot of people’s minds because, not only is there a bunch of contests from DIY web design software which is the emerging trend today, the web design field is also tremendously oversaturated.


Nevertheless, the short answer to this very compound question is for the most part is likely in the negative.


Quality still beats quantity; this is because quality is Still Hard to find and the majority still prefer a unique design for their website.


Even though there are many web designers all over the world, a quality web design is still tough to come by. You would know this if you’ve tried searching for a qualified web designer before; and you know that it is no effortless task.


You can come across hundreds or even thousands of web designers but a good number of them will most likely not be at the crest of the field. That is for the reason that most of the talented web designers are already employed. Professional web designers don’t generally require a job and frequently have more than a few opportunities lined up just waiting for them. But then again how do you turn into a master web designer?


  1. Improving Your Skills


By frequently improving your skills on a given field is essential to any job. Becoming excellent or great at something is really dissimilar than mastering something. A lot of people can be fine web designers, however only a handful can be great web designers.


The distinction between the two is that one only does it for the money whereas the other is passionate with the field. And as always having passion in the field would only yield to better results than that one who only does it for money.


Now if you are not a master until now, but you sense a very strong yearning to get there, then you’re by now ahead of the majority of other people. If you’re zealous about knowledge of new things in web design and someone who reads Stack Overflow daily, then you’re in luck because you are on the right course.


  1. Expanding Your Skills


Next if you’re already a great web designer, you may be safe and sound in your career for a while. Since you are an exceptional breed, you cannot with any trouble be replaced by a new person, software and or hardware. Nevertheless, it’s just only a matter of time until you have new competitions waiting to take your throne.


That is why you must frequently be in the course of increasing your skills and learn more knowledge to get away from those competitions. You have to progress beyond web designer in order to lock in your future. The most valuable skills to achieve after that would be JavaScript and jQuery in order for you to harden your frontend web development proficiency set.


  1. Future of Web Design


And finally as I talked about before, the web design ground is so uniform today that is effortless for just about anybody to purchase a high-quality theme or template and set it up on a WordPress website. And With the accessibility of many web page builders and customization plug-ins and add-ons, you can set together a great-looking web page with no excessive all yourself.

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How to Fake Your Way Through the Super Bowl Without Knowing Anything About Football

The Super Bowl is a championship game of United States’ National Football League, held annually and causing a big buzz whenever it is approaching. It is more than just a sports event, nowadays Super Bowl is something so hype and popular that it is considered by a lot of people as an unofficial American national holiday. Super Bowl attracts the highest number of television viewers recorded each year with around 114.4 million viewers and hence it is considered as an important event in the showbiz history. Despite of its popularity, there are still a big number of people who are not really that into it, but be involved in the festivity anyway because everyone else does.


If you are one of these people, here two most basic things that you should know to be able to fake your way through the 4 hours Super Bowl game (and perhaps other time before and after the game):

The Most-Talked About Characters and Terms

Similar to a lot of jargons and terminologies used by the fans of its football twin – or also known as soccer – the American football also uses a lot of specific terminologies with regards to the game’s progression. In order to look cool and be able to blend into a crowd full of Super Bowl fans, you need to learn these basic terminologies added with football-related popular slangs as well as football legendary characters. The quarterback simply refers to the ball-thrower, whereas the most famous quarterbacks are Peyton Manning from Broncos as well as Cam Newton from the Panthers and they are competing against each other. Peyton is claimed to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of NFL, but he has played for quite a long time and he is going to retire soon. On the contrary, Cam is a fresh, young talent full of fire and enthusiasm. It is also important to know that people dislike the commentators, but they absolutely love the performers. You can always scream things like “Omaha!”, “Nice hit!”, “Defense!” or just simply “OOOOO!” whenever something exciting is happening.

The Entertainment

As an important part of the entertainment business (due to the high number of viewers, definitely), a lot of people are also enthusiastic about the Super Bowl’s halftime performance. Even if The national anthem singer for this year’s Super Bowl is Lady Gaga, appearing so elegant and stunning for the opening on Sunday while the halftime performers consist of Coldplay, Beyonce as well as Bruno Mars. Coldplay was set to lead the halftime show whereas Beyonce and Bruno Mars will join them as guest performers since both of them have already performed in the Super Bowl’s halftime in less than 4 years time. Despite this fact, a lot of negative comments have been directed towards Coldplay’s performance and people just seem to like Beyonce more. The halftime show only lasts for around 12 to 13 minutes although a total of 30 minutes is allocated for the halftime in total.

Another thing that you will notice aside from the song performances would be the advertisements. The advertisers are reportedly paying around 5 million US dollars for a 30 second slot, and as a result their ads can be crazy good due to the very limited time constraint. More often than not, it will appear just like a normal ad but nevertheless you will be able to get a break from all the false pretense of being excited about guys jumping on one another. With a total of more than 114 million viewers, perhaps 5 million dollars is worth paying.

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Don’t Go Into the Store If You Don’t Know What You’re Buying

Impulse buying, that’s why. You originally planned to look around and spend your break time buying perhaps one single chocolate bar and then you had back to your office carrying the newest designer handbag that was on sale. You may regret it later, but everyone gets the impulse to buy things, and the habit of impulsive buying is something that you really need to quit soon. Stopping the urge can be really difficult, and therefore here are some tips which you can use to beat the urge to spend:


Set a Certain Period of Waiting Time

Impulsive buying is all about spending money on things that you will later deem unnecessary, unusable or sometimes you already have with just a tiny unnoticeable different detail. Setting up a certain period of waiting time will help you to curb your spending habit. Put the list of things that you (impulsively) want to buy and write the exact date when you wanted to buy the aforesaid items. After for example 30 days have passed, you are allowed to buy this item. But sooner or later you will realize that the desire to buy those things on the list will go after your thoughts have sunk in, so at the end of the day you will cross some items off your waiting list.

Convert Prices and Values to Work Hours

To have a better idea on how much you actually make for each hour you work for your job, take your total salary calculation each year (or for each month if you wish to do so) and divide it by the total hours that you truly work in a year (or in a month if you have calculated your monthly salary instead of the annual grand total). Take note of the final calculation as your hourly salary. The next time you have the desire to buy the newest Prada wallet which is on discount, divide the total price of the item with your hourly salary, and you will be surprised at how much time required for you working to be able to buy an item that you do not really need. Rather than buying unnecessary not-so-useful things on impulse, think about your medium or long term saving goals and think about how those long hours of work will actually be able to help you in achieving these goals.

Stay Away from Stores

You will not be getting any impulsive desire to buy things if you simply have no idea about what is available at the store. This applies for both physical and online stores, because buying things from an online retail site nowadays is as easy as buying things in Walmart, if not easier. Most stores are actually designed to get their customers to spend as much money as possible, and by not going to these stores you will not be tempted to buy their things. Avoid window shopping for the sole purpose of entertainment, because you will most likely end up buying something that you do not need, or if not you will be achingly tempted to do so. For your necessary trips to the store, create a shopping list and adhere strictly to it.

Provide an “Impulse Budget”

When all others fail, you probably need to train yourself into sticking with a certain budget, in which you can give yourself a certain amount of money as your “impulse budget” without having to break your bank account. This way, you will not act as impulsive when offered a very sweet deal in your favorite store.


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Are You Missing Out on E-Commerce Sales Because of Bad Website Filtering and Sorting?


E-commerce websites are constantly being tweaked and optimized to allow for better user experiences, yet one of the most important features is often overlooked—we’re talking about filter and sorting capabilities. And if your website isn’t accounting for better filtering and sorting, it’s likely that you’re missing out on sales.


E-Commerce: Don’t Overlook Filter and Sort Capabilities


On any given e-commerce website, there are generally two different ways a user can find a product: browse or search. Browsing is the equivalent of going into a store and meandering around until you find something that interests you. This is what you do when you’re out shopping with friends. In terms of e-commerce, browsing looks like scrolling through inventory and clicking on listings that capture your attention.


Then there’s searching. Using our in-store example, this involves entering a store, identifying the right aisle, and strategically narrowing your focus until you find the exact product you came to purchase. In e-commerce, searching is supposed to be even easier–that is, if you use filters and sorting tools.


“When done right, filters enable users to narrow down a website’s selection of thousands of products to only those few items that match their particular needs and interests,” writes Christian Holst, co-founder of Baymard Institute. Filters are those neat dropdown menus that let you sort based on price, style, size, etc.


“Yet, despite it being a central aspect of the user’s e-commerce product browsing, most websites offer a lackluster filtering experience,” Holst continues. In fact, he points to the fact that only 16 percent of major e-commerce websites offer a “reasonably good” filtering experience.


Considering that filtering is so important, this is an alarming statistic. And as a small e-commerce business owner, your website’s filtering experience more than likely doesn’t fall under the label “reasonably good.” This is a problem that should not be overlooked.


3 Tips for Better Filter and Sort Functionality


The good news is that there are ways to improve the filter and sort functionality of your site. Here are some helpful tips:


  1. Give Users Viewing/Sorting Options. Today’s customers like options. But if you’re going to offer a wide selection of products, you must be willing to present them in an organized manner. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is that shoppers can only buy what they can find. As such, you need to offer as many different filtering options as you can.


For starters, make sure you’re offering multiple display options. This means both a grid and a list view. If you’re unfamiliar with the difference between the two, check out this page from Home City for an example of how each one looks. As you can see, the grid view presents four thumbnails across, whereas the list view presents the thumbnails in a vertical fashion.

Secondly, you need to include basic filters. These may change depending on the industry you’re in and the products you sell. For an example, let’s look at this product’s page from Kohl’s. It gives customers the ability to sort based on size, category, accessories, trends, and featured brands. Then there are subcategories under each of these. That’s what you call offering plenty of options!


  1. Enhance the Search Bar. The search bar is very important, yet often neglected. While filters are important, sometimes a customer just wants to use a search bar because it’s the quickest option. There are a lot of good examples of effective search bars, but FootSmart has one of the best.The search bar lets you input any brand name, keyword, or item number and instantly see results. Then, once the results are populated, the user can further filter based on other options.

If you offer filtering options without a search bar, you only have half of the equation. Make sure your filtering options and search bar are working in tandem with one another for a lasting user experience.


  1. Provide Category-Specific Options. As previously mentioned in the Kohl’s example, it’s important to include category-specific options. These are filters that apply to a specific product. For example, TV categories would include things like refresh rate, screen size, and picture, whereas a shoe category would include things like material, sole color, and season.

Unfortunately, 42 percent of websites don’t account for category-specific filters. This is unfortunate, since all it takes is a little more work to include these subcategories.


Putting It All Together


Filtering is very important to your e-commerce website’s overall user experience. If you want customers to enjoy their shopping experience, make more purchases, and return in the future, then you need to invest in improving the filter and sort capabilities on your site. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be better off than even some of the biggest e-commerce players on the Internet.


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Adjust a Mac’s Startup Sound Volume Even When Speakers Are Plugged In

Whoever owns a Mac computer or a Macbook would be familiar by the obnoxious low and single toned loud sound produced when turned on. It causes anyone who turned their Mac computers on a huge awkwardness, as they feel like they are getting the wrong type of attention from the whole class or even in a meeting since the sound is so loud and overwhelming. Regardless of this slight disturbance, having the startup sound is actually a good thing because it shows that the diagnostic tests which are usually run at startup do not find any hardware or essentially important software problems in your computer. However, the disturbance that is caused by the sound of starting up a Mac computer is real, because it can wake someone up from their sleep and you do not want that from happening to your family whenever you have to work late at home. For this reason, you may consider to adjust your Mac’s startup sound and you need to learn how to do it when your speakers are plugged in.


First and foremost, with regards the fact that you may connect your Mac to an external speaker, it is important to note that OS X has two different types of volume levels setting in the computer. One would be for the internal speakers that are attached to your computers, and one for the external output speakers. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, the internal speaker volume will not be accessible with an external speaker being plugged in because this way your Mac will not allow the process of adjusting your internal speaker volume. As a result, if you want to set the volume level of your startup sound, which significantly deals with the internal speaker volume setting, you need to first unplug the external speakers and wait for several minutes until the volume adjustment option of your Mac’s internal speakers appear. Once it becomes available, you can subsequently adjust the volume in the bottom slider, and it will affect how loud the startup sound is.

If you extremely disfavor the sound, you also have the option to mute it completely. Muting the startup sound can be done through several different ways. First and foremost, you can use the aforesaid steps of adjusting your Mac’s internal speaker’s volume but this time instead of really leveling it with the slider; you will need to lower the volume all the way to the left to the minimum level provided by the slider. If you are unsure about this, you may also notice that there is a “Mute” checkbox shown on the right hand side of the slider, so you can also press to check it. The third option of muting only your startup sound will be a significantly more complicated process with a slight bit of Terminal work, and it may be quite challenging for people who do not have the slightest idea about coding especially in a Mac. In order to make this right, you cannot type for the text in a different text editor but you need to follow the step-by-step procedure exactly as written.


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Feel the Burn Is Bad Fitness Advice

The generally held principle of most gym goers is that when at the gym you must go and feel the burn, this burning feeling in your muscles is caused by the upsurge of lactic acid ( or lactic acidosis), as a consequence of doing rigid exercise that makes you gasp for fresh air, just like high-intensity work out; or, weight training. For Decades, lactic acidosis was without a doubt the usual explanation for why our muscles exhausted during extreme exercise, but more modern evidence shows that the theory just doesn’t fit.


To start off, the first mistake is that the lactate compound, and not lactic acid, is formed in the body while we exercise. We have a tendency to use them in the same context or interchangeably, but the real distinction is found in their compound structures. Regardless of the strong association between exercise, lactate intervals, and dilapidated exercise routines, lactate in itself hasn’t been revealed or proved to be the straight cause of “the burn”. In truth, a number of researchers are looking into other explanations that might justify lactate.

For example, the Journal of Applied Physiology published a study showing that lactate solitary does not supply to muscle fatigue neither does it impact the muscle’s capacity to keep on working. With this lay down, what’s really going on then? The American Journal of Physiology tells us that throughout an intense exercise an entirely separate response that happens together with energy and lactate construction increases the amount of hydrogen ions produced in our muscle cells. The increase of hydrogen ions allows more acidic thus contributes to that feel the burn sensation that most of us venerate.

Just Like a wild twist in a mystery horror movie, the once ridiculed and scorned lactate in fact delays, relatively than encourage, fatigue in muscles by helping eliminate hydrogen ions by way of lactate’s development, and by lowering the muscle cell’s sharpness.

Why “The Burn” Is actually just a Myth

Most commonly experienced by gym goers, “the burn” can promptly go from being rough to downright excruciatingly painful; but you’d be amazed by how several people deliberately search for this feeling. Well yeah it works to carry on exercising, certainly, but it’s fundamentally a damaging feedback circle that brings about the foolish notion that doing exercise should be severe a punishment for eating excessively. (Well it’s actually not.) Given That aside, using such ways to determine the efficiency of your workout is merely a very fruitless way to exercise. A regular Life hacker and personal trainer, JC Deen, points out that:

If you set out for “the burn” just so you can believe like you’ve gotten a high-quality workout, then it’s meaningless without a reputable goal. This for instance, if your goal is greatest strength increase, then it’s almost certainly a bad idea given that these types of intense high-rep exercise will severely cut into your capability to recover and carry on working out.

Now that we’ve already established the myths that charge lactate for the muscle burn up and that warm up soreness, or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). It’s essential to note down that in a number of cases, deliberately making your muscles feel the burn doesn’t even guide to the discomfort that is normally related to muscle break, development, and repair. If truth be told, we already know that we are more prone to get aching from unusual muscle contractions, with no obvious burning in the muscles during exercise.

Certainly, you like to utilize “the burn” to aid you so that you could figure out how solid you’re work out is, but then again here’s a better way of doing this: RPE scale (the Rate of Perceived Exertion).

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13 Struggles That People Who Are Hard On Themselves Would Understand

Being hard on yourself has its own good and bad. On one hand, people may criticize us for putting so much pressure into ourselves instead of being grateful for what we have achieved or obtained. However, some people may realize that life cannot be lived to its fullest if we are so kind to ourselves, excusing the occasional lack of motivation as well as failure without promising to improve. If you are one of these people, here are thirteen things that people who are hard on themselves would understand:


They Always Feel Guilty


Being hard on themselves, they never learn when enough is enough and therefore they always feel guilty about their past mistakes. This affects other people negatively, because this type of people always apologize and say sorry to other people despite the fact that it is getting extremely bothersome. They do it because they never learn how to accept their mistakes or to forgive themselves, and they perceive their mistakes so bad that they think other people will be very angry too.


They Care About Other People Too Much


People who are being hard on themselves are usually very kind to other people. As a result, they will automatically blame themselves even in situation where things do not work out for other people. A perfect example to this would be parents blaming themselves when their children do not turn out to be a certain expected way.


They Do Not Like Criticisms


People who are constantly being hard on themselves are very good at finding their own faults, and therefore criticisms can only make them feel worse because it reaffirms how bad they know they are deep inside.


They Do Not Like Compliments, Too


People who are being hard on themselves cannot see their positive sides, and therefore when people compliment them they will just think of it as a nice and polite etiquette. This can make them very annoying, as they constantly reject our compliments even when we really mean it. A lot of time, they also give the credit of a success to someone else, instead of acknowledging their hard work to be a significant part of such success.


They Forgive Other People But Not Themselves


People who are hard on themselves usually do not apply the same standards to other people. They forgive others readily, they are also kind and compassionate to them at the same time. However, when it comes to themselves they set a crazy high standard that most of the times can be impossible to reach.


They Give Sanctions To Themselves


One mistake, and people who are hard on themselves will find ways to punish themselves in order to make up for the errors that they have committed. As they never try to be loving and compassionate to themselves, they always find ways to lessen their guilt by being harsh on themselves.


They Have Zero Tolerance For Their Own Faults


People who are hard on themselves might not be this hard in the past. However, past experiences have taught them to be intolerant to their own faults. Whether it was a rough childhood experience or whether it was the parents’ insanely high expectations, they know that it has become a habit to not make any mistake, ever.


They Hate To Be Vulnerable


People who are hard on themselves are afraid to let others know about their flaws and imperfections. They hate to expose their weak sides and vulnerable aspects because they will feel insecure when people eventually find out that they are not as strong as they seem to be. With this regards, they are also afraid that they will be looked down upon, or will receive less respect, when they let other people find out about their flaws.


They Never Think That They Are Talented Enough


Being so hard on themselves, these people often are so focused on achieving success regardless of the past successful achievements that they have already obtained. Most of the times, these people do not focus on their talents and abilities, but rather they focus on what they lack of because they do think that everyone are capable of doing what they do.


They Regret Everything


The past will always haunt people who are too hard on themselves, because they always think about what they did wrong or about the things that they should have done. It is good to learn from your mistakes in the past and know how to not repeat these mistakes, but to some extent always regretting it and letting it consume you will do you more harm than good.


They Seek For Reassurance


Even though they want whatever they do to be perfect, they constantly ask someone else to give feedbacks because they never really know what perfection is. To them, everything has its own flaws and therefore they are never satisfied with the result.


They Seldom Ask For Help Even When They Need It


Due to their strong and powerful image, they are afraid to be labeled as weak when they ask others for help. They also realize that asking for help may cause themselves to be judged as struggling with their task, or in other words incompetent. They want to finish everything by themselves, however they also offer help to others even if they do not expect anything in return.


They Want People To Be Proud Of Them


People who are used to being hard to themselves try to get everything perfect and correct even for the first time. It kills them to let other people watch their failure, because they deem that one failure affects more than just their image, but the image of people close to them as well. They want people that they love to be proud of them, which includes parents and spouse to be specific, and as a result they tend to put too much pressure on themselves.




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Create With a Sense of Urgency If You Really Want to Build Your Career

Nowadays it seems that almost everyone is constantly busy and always in a rush. However, it is so easy to sometimes confuse being busy with urgency and productivity. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing anything productive, or working under a sense of urgency. Successful people understand that you need constantly be working under a sense of urgency, but at the same time doing productive tasks that will serve you and your company better in the long run. You could be urgent and busy all day long, but if it’s doing menial tasks that aren’t going to help grow your business, then there is no real benefit.


To-Do Lists


Don’t get us wrong, sometimes a to-do list can be the most useful thing in the world if used correctly. You can organize your tasks and thoughts clearly, and studies show that crossing each item off is immediately effective at boosting both your mood and your energy levels. But it is so easy to create a to-do list that is either too vague or too complex, listing every little daily task that you will carry out in your day. The problem here lies in that the sense of urgency tends to be lost once the number of tasks become both abundant and mundane, and sometimes the most urgent and important tasks of all get pushed to the bottom of the pile after the more menial tasks. Successful businessmen and people understand that ‘I’ll get to it later’ or ‘I’ll get to it eventually’ will not reap you benefits, instead you must always concentrate on the most important tasks and tackle them with a sense of urgency.




You probably remember deadlines as horrible things from your school and college days, things that you were dreading days if not weeks in advance. However, the sense of urgency can do great things for the creative process. Nearly all artists and entrepreneurs will tell you that motivation is at its peak when there is a set deadline looming on the horizon. You can get excited, plan effectively, and pace yourself so that it doesn’t seem quite so daunting. It is also important to be able to work when there is no clear deadline in sight. You need to be able to create a sense of urgency yourself if there isn’t one from other sources. The creative process is urgent in itself. You may have an idea or a project at hand, and you feel obliged to let it out and share it the world. It will probably consume you and your life until you feel it has all been channeled out of you. Creation is urgency.


Just Do It


So finally in essence, if there’s a project or two that you’ve been playing around with for some time now, this is your permission to get them done. Just do it. Procrastination is a sin, and the sad truth is that tomorrow never comes. If you have no deadline, if you don’t have all the tools that you’ll need to complete it eventually, figure out the first step and just get it done. You won’t feel motivated to get anywhere without a sense of urgency, even if you have to create it yourself.