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10 Common Toxic Thoughts That Are Ruining People’s Lives (But They’re Unaware Of It)

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Life is about optimism. You must face life as a challenge in order to make yourself better and to face things in their most positive side.


In the course of life, you may stumble upon people who almost always in “self-pity” state and thereafter it would affect your view about life that it would be an acceptable norm and that it would just be a normal thing to do for people like you. Having that feeling of “self-pity” would then just be an indispensable part of living.


Unfortunately, that feeling of self-pity ruins people’s lives. When you have that kind feeling, it would be like a self-destruction state because of all the negative thoughts that you are the norm. Obviously, you would not know that you are ruining your life because you think that it is the norm.


I have come to know and experienced, personally and from the others, the impacts of being a pessimist and optimist.


In this post, I really hope that I can share the negative thoughts that could apparently ruin your life. I will also share some solutions that will hopefully help you replace negative thoughts.


“I Am Always Underprivileged” Prevents You For Being An Optimistic Person


Having a better starting base in life would not mean that they don’t have any problem that comes their way.


In reality is that we have obstacles to face – regardless of “starting base” in life. Where you start is not significant. Your journey in life and where you would end up is the main point.

Non-toxic way of thinking: Life is a gift and I will course through it regardless of where I start.


“Life’s Never Fair” You Are Always A Victim


No one ever promised us life of “Bed of Roses”.  We are quick to react and say that life is really unfair in just a temporary negative event. Shifting your paradigm will make you view life in its most positive way. Most of the scars you will receive in the course of life are really things to help you reach your purposes in life. Non-toxic way of thinking: Life is not unfair and I must learn from the obstacles in my life for me to grow.


“It’s Their Fault, Not Mine” Makes You Irresponsible


Have you come across people who are not always at fault?

All the negative things in their lives are the result of everyone around them. To them, it would be easier to just shifting responsibility. If it’s not their spouse, it’s their boss. If it’s not their boss, it’s their friends. If it’s not their friends, it’s their colleague or their neighbor.

Non-toxic way of thinking: I will take full responsibility for my life.


“Failing Is Equals To Failure” Limits Your Breakthroughs


You would always fail in life. Be at school, work, or in business – you wil do things and they will fail.

Unfortunately, we do not know what’s the ration of failing is. It would be really cool if we did. But, we don’t, and that is the reality of the matter.

Regardless of your failure, you need to learn from these mistakes and just keep trying. Tough as it is, at times, this means that you need to abandon a certain career, project, or business venture and try something new.

Ultimately, you need to know that you only become a “failure” when you just stop trying. Failing is just a way to success.

Non-toxic way of thinking: I will learn from every mistakes and failures and I will always keep on trying.


“I Do Not Have The Right People” Limits Self-Investment


Knowing the right persons in the right places is a treasure.

What we often disregard to appreciate is that gold goes through the whole refinery process of heat and pressure before it yields it’s optimum value.

Likewise, your gifts, skills, talents, integrity, and character need to go through rigorous tests in life before you can rely on contacts.

Contacts and knowing people in the right places means nothing if you cannot add meaning to people’s lives through your skills and talents. Equally important, your contacts would at naught if you lack integrity or character.

Refine all those mentioned above and contacts will make you go to places you’ve never dreamt of.

Non-toxic way of thinking: I will first invest in myself and polish my skills, talents, integrity, and character and right contacts will help me get to higher places.


“Live Your Life Like There Is No Tomorrow” Destroys You


As good as this may sound, it is a ticket to self-destruction. No one wants a boring life. But to live like there is no tomorrow would be just plain stupid.

Your present was determined by what you did months and years ago. Your future (tomorrow) will be determined by your actions at the present.

Non-toxic way of thinking: I will live my life responsibly because my future would be determined by my current lifestyle.



“If I Could Just Win A Lottery One Day…” Creates A Fallacy Of Overnight Success


I know that you are asking: “how the earth that this is a negative thought?”

These things about gambling, and the lottery in particular, is that it creates a seed of “overnight success.” There’s no such thing as “overnight success.” It would take many years to succeed. Life’s a process of inputs and outputs.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that most people who win a lottery end up in worse-off situations. Why? Because they haven’t learned the skills required to wisely use what they have won.

Non-toxic way of thinking: I have to work hard and smart and life will just reward appropriately and abundantly.


“People Are Always Gossiping About Me” Negatively Affects Your Focus


It is sad to see how people walk around paranoid about who are having conversations about them. As a result, they can have low self-esteem. They second-guess themselves and would spend most of their energy just “watching their backs” for “enemies” or potential acts of “sabotage.”


Here’s the crux: people would always talk, whether you do a good or a bad thing. Forget what people are saying behind your back and focus on doing you.

Non-toxic way of thinking: I must concentrate on living my life fruitfully, regardless of those things people say behind my back.


“It’s Not Possible” Prevents Us From Achieving Extraordinary Goals


Achieving success is not about “pie in the sky”. It takes goal-setting, systematic and smart work, and then having faith required to allow your ordinary efforts to have extraordinary achievements.

Non-toxic way of thinking: I will set goals and develop faith required to make my hardwork become extraordinary success.


“I’m Not Good Enough” Impedes Our Gifts, Talents, And Skills

We have gifts, talents, and skills. Our job is to identify those and work on improving them.

For one to say “I am not good enough” is complete hogwash. The problem is that people spend a lot of energy trying to achieve in areas they’re not gifted or talented. We have become competitive that we neglect to stay in our lanes.

Non-toxic way of thinking: I must cultivate my skills and talents and stay in my way of destiny.



In conclusion, most of us in society are stuck in “toxic mode.” As a result, toxic thinking is deemed to be a norm.


I hope that this article will really help you identify toxic thoughts that can ruin your life. More importantly, I really hope my suggested “non-toxic thoughts” could help you escape that mode so that you can achieve success in life.


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